• anshika_bharti_ 10w

    "Do i matter?
    Do i mean anything
    To anyone at all?
    Who am i?
    What is my worth?
    Am i just a tissue
    That you use and throw.
    Keep me till u benefit from me
    Then ignore."
    Hidden behind that happy face
    Is a heart breaking
    Into pieces.
    While u complimented their smile
    You ignored the pain hidden beneath.
    A heart so fragile,
    Which breaks so easily.
    Eyes that cry,
    Over seemingly little things.
    So many words
    So many emotions
    Waiting to be expressed
    But muted by the silent cries
    That shriek loudly within.
    A jolly person
    Trying not to break down every minute.
    A kind soul
    Waiting to be picked up
    And embraced
    Assured that everything will be okay.
    A pretty smile
    Concealing the scars.
    And a brave heart
    Trying not to fall apart.
    You don't know
    What goes on in someone's mind
    So be a little kind.
    You don't know
    What pain is hidden
    Underneath that smile
    So be a little kind.
    Loving ain't hard
    Caring ain't tough
    A small act of kindness
    Could mean so much.
    People treat you like crap;
    Love yourself
    For only you can keep your heart content.
    You know what you want
    So be "the one" for yourself
    Solitude is blissful
    So cherish it
    Enjoy it.
    Give yourself some time,
    Be a better version of you.
    Colour yourself differently,
    In a new,
    Better hue.
    For when the heavenly orb
    Doth rise again
    Shall you see what you really are
    A person so beautiful
    Even with all the scars.
    You have a story
    Waiting to be heard.
    Let your sadness fly away
    Like a little bird.
    Then behold the masterpiece
    That you are
    And admire the beautiful piece of art.

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