• blackrogue 10w

    This is me rambling but what do you think? I'm trying to express something but I can't quite make it coherent. I was hoping to find a way to express the void I feel

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    They ask me "why are you not happy"
    I wonder what exactly there is to be happy about
    This misery that I feel
    Clawing at my heart
    Ripping me apart
    I want to fix it but I can't
    I ask myself is this all for nothing
    The suffering, the pain
    I've been promised several things
    A hearafter filled with joy
    If only I can do good
    But then good seems to be against my nature
    Everything I do is inevitably done for the self
    Even when I claim to help my neighbor
    It's so I can get the reward in the afterlife
    True selflessness is a joke
    We'll always demand something in return
    Our demands may not be obvious to us
    But they're present nevertheless