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    The Chattur and Rancho ka explanation of love and Friendship

    The intimate feeling or reaction between two pairs either similar genders or different genders due to the hormonal influence of oxytoxin, serotonnine and dopamine inside the cells of our body is termed as love. It might be longlasting or very short i. e infatuation. It results in building up a relationship among the affected people

    Colloquial explanation

    Love exists where feelings exists. It is an undefined formula of life. I am you and you are me in love. One soul. One existence. The feelings of which only heart speaks.

    Friendship - logical explanation

    A bond between two mates in respect to love and money. Pay him respect and money throughout your life, he will help you in need. You cut both of them, you too will be cut.

    Colloquial explanation

    The bond between two who live life together sharing happiness and sorrow equally, fight together all difficulties. Todenge dum magar tera saath na chodenge. A partner for crimes, who knows your secrets. Who does not mind having your licked icecream. Hitting you, pampering you, standing for you...A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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    Logical Vs colloquial

    Love and Friendship