• ylviia 10w

    It hugs me so tight
    Lures me in and I start to give in
    I know I am the prey but I don't care
    At that moment I just wanted to feel
    Feel anything, something
    It starts pulling me down and I am so tired
    Instead of swimming and trying to get to the surface
    I let the current in the water pull me down
    I welcome it with open arms while it was the only one willing to be there for me
    With all my despair I hold onto it
    I know it's my doom
    But it's there
    So I take what I can
    My body feels week, I am trembling
    The cold starts to fade
    The cold washed my feeling of emptiness away
    And I am so grateful for it
    I know it won't last long
    That it's temporary
    But let me enjoy these few moments of peace
    Where I don't need to swim for my life
    Where I can just give in and hug the cold sea
    Pitying myself although I don't deserve it
    But in the end I am on the ground, facing the inner world of my mind
    The surface is long gone and I am surrounded by the darkness of my broken soul
    But it's okay because the sea doesn't seem to mind, it actually likes my presence
    So I just want to stay here a little longer
    Shut everything out, laying on the rough ground
    My pain has been taken away for now
    Living becomes bearable for a short time