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    Remove a fish from the sea and carefully place it in a bowl of fresh and pure water.
    Would it be the same for the fish?
    Would it still survive?
    Can it be normal?
    Why not?

    For the fish needs "SEA WATER" to survive.
    That's how love is.
    You could give someone the purest form of love you have.
    You could give them all the love they could get in the world.
    But it still won't be the same.
    Maybe the "SEA WATER" isn't with you.
    Maybe your love no matter how pure and fresh,
    doesn't comfort them.
    Or maybe,
    Someone else is their sea.
    And THAT person might be the key to their happiness.
    And I guess that's what you are to me.

    Everyone tries to give me all the love they have,
    they care for me,
    they listen and talk to me.
    And I know, they genuinely do care and love me.
    But still, at the end of the day, I come to you.
    Just so you could hold me and tell me everything's going to be fine.
    So that I could be loved by you.
    So that I could be in your presence.
    Because that's what has healed me.
    And that's what will always heal me.
    YOU have healed me.



    Wrote this about someone I really value and am blessed to have in my life. I don't know why but a lot of people show me love and care. But still I run to them when I need love. Maybe it's because only they can give me the kind of love I need. Or maybe... THEY ARE WHAT I NEED. I guess I'll never know. All I know is they're special to me. And they're like the sea to me.

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