• ankit_4 23w

    Yes I miss my School...

    Going earlier to play cricket,
    And games without rule,
    I want to go back in past,
    Because I miss my school.

    What golden days were that,there were no
    Place to seat because class was full...
    Yes I want to enjoy that shouting of students,
    And punishments because I miss my school.

    Lectures of drawing,PT
    In which class was housefull,
    I want to go back on benches
    I miss my school...

    Memories,emotions and friendships
    We didn't understand that time we were fool..
    Staring girls of Girls high school and many
    Thing, I miss those because I miss my school.

    In the end with good result
    All went to their way,
    We didn't understand that feeling,
    And everyone were away...

    After many years
    I really want to go back in school...
    Meet those friends,teachers again
    Because I really miss my school...