• sahalmajid 24w


    How everbody is someone, but not you!
    These words were said by someone, but not you!

    The place where you died, they left behind;
    A love, a friend, a stranger and someone, but not you

    Sifting through bouts of lucidity, I half remember;
    Those days of ecstasy for someone , but not you

    They dared him, They jailed him, They tortured him, They shot him!
    How easily he gave up on someone, but not you

    "Unidentified"-That piece of land, with you in it,
    Was meant for someone, but not you

    That bitter potion , turned sweet!, when
    I chugged the goblet from someone, but not you

    This breeze that touches me,smells of spring,
    This advent reminds me of someone, but not you

    "No, not yet, I still have life left"! For
    I will fight for someone, but not you

    "I empathise your obligations! , I understand your reasons!"
    These lines I say to someone , but not you

    "Its not your fault, ", Satan appeases a crying Adam
    "Heaven was built for someone, but not you"

    An end to this world !, a remedy for pain?
    The next life is salvation to someone , but not you

    That love; you gave to someone, and wanted back
    That love is meant for someone, but not you

    How that moment;which freezes in time, melted!
    When these lips were kissed by someone , but not you

    These are thoughts, they too shall pass
    Like that beloved did with someone, but not you

    "I don't know'em ! "Who is thy lord?" says Israel to me
    When I confessed the name of someone, but not you

    I froze! my throat choked! , and my eyes filled with tears!, when
    I saw my shadow with someone, but not you

    "Your prostrations are blasphemous, Sahal!",my Deity tells me
    "For even, I kneel , too, to someone,but not you!"