• hiteshprakashpeswani 6w

    My experience of third year BA

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    1st day in Tyba class
    the huge unknown mass
    the unforgettable experience
    situation was very serious
    the most shocking moment
    in the new environment
    i was the only boy
    end of excitement & joy
    the unexpected situation
    after a joyful vacation
    every student was unknown
    in the TYBA zone
    all were new personalities
    the confusing realities
    some confusing days passed
    the syllables was vast
    suja mam taught us hamlet
    play of Revenge & target
    the most memorable play
    excitement of the day
    madhavi mam taught a poetry
    fresh idea fresh imagery
    'the devine image ' by william blake
    fresh relief fresh break
    in the melodic morning
    it inspired my writing
    i wrote a similar verse
    the metaphysical universe
    my first metaphysical creation
    most memorable situation
    'peace ' a metaphysical verse
    the most beautiful experience
    manoj sir gave some suggestions
    the helpful directions
    on my self written poem
    the advice was wholesome
    the unforgettable suggestion
    the unforgettable appreciation
    the effective direction
    the gift of satisfaction
    saint joan, a challenge
    beyond expectation & knowledge
    praful sir made it effortless
    end of extreme stress
    kharate sir taught us criticism
    teams of imagery & aestheticism
    with the drama & theatre
    i enjoyed every lecture
    meaning of drama & comedy
    comic relief, pun, tragedy
    deven, a unforgettable person
    helped during every fluctuation
    many personalities in a loop
    forming a memorable group
    every individual is special
    every lecture is unforgeable