• silk_tales 14w

    I wonder if you remember me daddy
    Its a message from your little one
    I know, you can never return here
    Yet to lose you is my greatest fear
    See! I am being strong
    Time seems to be fast here,
    And why would not?
    Since it's been twelve years!
    Like you said daddy~
    I fell, stood up and again crawl
    But every downfall reminded of you more
    Even though we are apart
    For love is everlasting.
    I know you will be always there
    Guiding way for me everywhere
    Everytime I remember of you
    My heart feels your smile
    I wish, if I could have you back
    For just a little while
    You brought me in this world
    Giving me a name
    And all I have now are memories
    And your picture in a frame
    Remembering you is easy and
    Your memory is a treasure
    All I can send you is love daddy
    Beyond you can measure!



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