• riya_shah_ 23w

    You don't know how bad it feels,
    I guess you know,
    But not that pain,
    Of getting ignored and ignored,
    From the one,
    Who was eager for your reply,
    Who wanted you as his life,
    Who ever tried to make you smile,
    And it just changed how badly,
    That he don't care of your smile,
    In fact he is the reason of your tears,
    How badly you try to talk to him,
    And he always just ignore you,
    Every chance of yours fail,
    Just as always he stay busy for you,
    OK fine are always my words,
    But now...
    I'll never try to contact him,
    Never .....
    I took a decision,
    And yes I'll follow it,
    As now he don't cares,
    How it all changed,
    I don't know,
    But now it's hurting me,
    Hurting me a lot.