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    The sixth part of Twist in talE is here. If you haven't read the earlier parts then search #TwistintalE . I have written the the names of the characters in case you forget or get confused.

    1. Lord Montague - Adrian Montague
    2. Lord Capulet - Marcus Capulet
    3. Lady Montague - Scarlet Montague
    4. Lady Capulet - Meredith Capulet
    5. Prince Escalus - Prince Craig
    6. Mercutio - Dino
    7. Benvolio - Jace
    8. Tybalt - Jack
    9. Rosaline - Aurora
    10. Paris - Henry
    11. Juliet - Vivian
    12. Romeo - Hett

    N.B: The current year in the story is 2020


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    Twist in talE
    Chap - 6
    The mysterious book...

    Ivy: You're going to-

    The bell rang and it was class time.

    Aurora: Talk to you later Ivy...bye!

    They all went to their class.
    After class Aroura went to the library. She was reading a book when suddenly something distracted her. She noticed an old book in a shelf. That book looked mysterious. She took that book and started reading.

    Aroura: It's a tale about a parallel world named Earth. The story elves in our world's underground love the tales of Shakespeare from Ear-


    There was a sudden noise outside the library. Aroura went to see and saw Vivian and Hett had fallen down on the floor.

    Vivian: I am really sorry, Hett.

    Hett: You don't need to be sorry! It was all my fault.

    Vivian: No it was my fault. I was carrying such a big box full of books that I didn't notice you.

    Hett: It's okay but why are you being so sweet to me. Aren't our families 'ENIMY'?

    Vivian: So what? At least we can be friends.

    Hett smiled and went back to the class.
    Vivian went to the library.

    Aroura: Why are you carrying so many books?

    Vivian: The librarian asked me to take them to the library.

    Aroura: Where's the librarian?

    Vivian: He's a bit busy. Do you need to borrow a book?

    Aroura: Umm...yes..

    Vivian: Ok fine then take it. I will tell the librarian. He asked me to note down the names of students who will be borrowing books.

    Aroura: Great!

    After the classes everyone went back home. It was a relly great day for Hett. He was so so so... happy cuz Vivian at least considered him a friend.
    Aroura took a shower and had some food. Then she went to her bedroom and took out the book to read.

    Aroura: The story elves in our world's underground love the tales of Shakespeare from Earth. So they link some selected people's life with his stories.

    Aroura turned the pages and saw a bright green light coming out ...