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    "Will you help me with one thing."
    "What is it?" I asked suspiciously.
    "Actually! I.... "
    "What? You like one of them!"
    "Naahh!! It's not like that. Don't assume anything nonsense."
    "Wait a minute, let me write this answer then you continue."
    While I was writing the answer I heard Banging of door.
    "Why are you closing door?"
    "Ahhh!!! Why are you asking me these many questions."
    "First thing, go and open the door. And then we will talk."
    "Nahh!!! I won't. It's your room."
    "Ok then! I will tell auntie that you are dating Tia Thomas."
    "Ehhh!!! What? Don't you dare do this."
    "Then go and open the door. Or you want me to...."
    "Ahhh!!! I'm going."

    He went and opened the door. I know how to tackle with like this type of people. I thought he might be simple guy but he is not. Stupid brat!
    "Now tell what is it?"
    "Actually, not about me but about your friend Simone!" He said in a low tone as of he is scared of me.
    "Simone! What is it?"
    "I think Tia likes Josh and so she is going to do something! And in between she was talking about Simone too."
    " By the way, why are you telling me this!"
    " What!!! You should thank me. I told you about it. And you are complaining!"
    "Mmm.... Tia likes Josh then what about Simone!"
    I was talking to myself...
    "What happened! What are murmuring."
    "It had nothing to do with you!"
    "This world is too cruel! People don't even thank you!"
    "Huhh!!! Stop this nonsense."
    While we were fighting, auntie calls out for Robin. We both went outside.
    "Did you study Robin!" Aunt Olivia asks.
    "Yehh!! We studied. Ask to her!"
    "What a liar!" I murmured.

    While they were going back. Robin pulls me back.
    "I want to talk to you something" he said in slow pitch.
    "What is it! We will talk about it tomorrow."
    "No it's important!"
    "Don't you understand our parents are here."
    "Excuse me! Can I talk to Kiara alone if you don't have any problem." Robin says in front of everyone. He holds my hand and takes me in my room.

    "What? Are you mad!" I said angrily.
    "Huhh!!! Stop it. I have something to tell you. It's really important to say that's why I took you inside."
    "What? Important? Are you crazy. Everyone outside will think wrong about both of us."
    "Then let them think! I don't care. Just listen to me right now."
    "Stop this nonsense! Say what you wanted to say!"
    "Actually, I wanted to tell you this before only..."
    "Stop moulding things! Straight to the point!"
    "Actually, I wanted to tell you that...."
    To be continued.......

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