• shatteredx 5w

    November 03, 2019
    A day unexpected

    Last night when I went to sleep, I didn't know that
    I'll have to go to the workplace tomorrow
    I'll be going to Sharaqpur Shareef with my friends, but
    I went to workplace today, while going, my bike broke down and I got it repaired from a workshop near my workplace
    I had lunch with "The Hasnains"
    I went to Sharaqpur Shareef with my friends and at last ate at the famous fish shop
    Then, we planned to go to Liberty for ice-cream
    But, little did I know
    We never went there
    And to top the day off
    While coming back home, my bike broke down again
    I had to walk 1.5 km from Fatimah Jinnah Medical College to a lil' far ahead from Qartaba Chowk, until a nice dude helped me fixing it, no workshops are open during night time
    Why is nature putting me through conditions like this?
    Is it punishing me?
    Or does it want me to learn something special?