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    The one person who showers unconditional affection on us is the one who is been taken for granted the most.
    We have tainted mother earth with our lucrative ideas, stained her canvas without even a faint worry about her happiness.
    The one thing I learned in this covid pandemic was the minute we stopped our actions, mother earth started to blossom once again...

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    Invisible Struggle

    How can you shower us with colours?
    When you know we are going to paint it black.
    How can you smile behind the rays of sun?
    When never once we paid heed, amidst the smoke of our action.

    Upfront stands your existential question,
    Yet failed are we to limit our steps.
    Yet failed are we to recognize your invisible struggles,
    Through our eyes shut tight.
    Time and again we have put you in peril, mother earth...
    Still you behold the colours.. day and night!