• adnan_ghzali 23w

    blackbird and hound

    he followed the blackbird home.
    in a cubicle next to the sea breezes.
    her smile aboard the hull of his mind.
    a fair maiden with eyes wide like sky.
    in silence and in haste he waited and wastes.
    he followed the blackbird home into the arms of his dame.

    he followed the blackbird home.
    walking from the port of sea and fray.
    sands in his boots and his sole of clay.
    he sees her bedroom in the side of his mind.
    her sweet meal cooking a side of hind.
    through storm, through smoke his walk was honed.
    he followed the blackbird home through and through.

    he followed the blackbird to her door.
    a sailor come home to love and lore.
    he heard her laughter and it ignites his hands.
    in he goes to her and another man.
    his hands on her breasts and her lips on his.
    she had gone to another with her tender kiss.

    he followed the black bird into and under the sea.
    she had left him alone like a dog with fleas.