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    Ever heard what could depression say? What it actually could suggest? It's a mental condition but it's more than a changing host cycle , here's a poetry slam!

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    The first time I saw you, you were lying on a couch after a long while crying cautiously,
    I peeped through the door there in to realize that you looked pale but you stretched on roughly ,
    Did I make a deliberate mistake pushing in ,your opened door slightly?
    No one did talk about my arrival , oh am I so cruel, well that's an Irony
    It's just I strike the thoughts lately,
    And you are intuitive yet so passive you seem to be less bothered about psychology,
    So when I do some mental breakdown, you claim sadly,
    I didn't warn it , I am being asymptomatic you accuse falsely,
    I never existed physically but I change host psychologically,
    And I don't fake promise to be in your phase that's lonely,
    Just a statement and no complain or even an investigation ,
    For a repetitive backfire reaches you , no need of aggression,
    And I know your words are jumbled and tough like in a book of Shakespeare
    But clearly I can understand your undoubtedly expressed fears
    The next evening I saw your abandoned trail towards a city park
    It was Christmas but you couldn't hear the carols, for you it was yet dark,
    Didn't you notice you are acting reckless, hey it's so risky,
    For you just thought of boarding a plane forever and it was not silly
    But thank God you made it home again for a dinner with delicious delicacy,
    What you are not eating? Wait you are getting to bed so early,
    And your half filled stomach does ask for more ,
    Unless the brain commands no darling just do it all later but sleep before
    I am just a stigma stuck inside but it does grow right?
    Did anyone mention a dose of anti depressants too much enough for a fight ?
    And helpline numbers are just too picky about a call they pick up,
    However aren’t partial as the ‘whole world' is and don’t you mug up
    The lines and stories cause it’s not a story telling it’s life keep it straight ,
    And speak up in front of an audience who knows clapping is not just about listening ,
    Don’t be an invisible person in front of a blind crowd don’t just keep on speaking
    I don’t mercy a genius nor does I leave a mediocre and normal
    So don’t go to fate asking it’s just me and why it’s not any paranormal
    I just don’t fill up a suicidal thought but I can’t tell when you procrastinate,
    It happens as soon as you say okay unnecessarily it’s when you equivocate,
    Now I was still in his room staring him from behind and hiding myself ,
    There was a person by his bed always so he couldn’t harm his self,
    After a month and a few he glanced through window and pulled aside curtains
    I guess this was my shortest journey ever cause leaving is uncertain
    He was now doing the things supposed to be done without a delay
    I guess he threw his spectacles anyway that was so mono-colored and gray
    if at least for once if I could speak I could be fair enough to have a talk,
    Cause the serenity is a finest prey , a serious kill and a deadlock.

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    If I could speak