• gayatri_theunheardwriter 51w

    ~W H I T E~

    White! The colour that stands for peace and solitude! But what about the fear a girl holds when she wears a white that if it stains , she will be called an useless and dumbhead and not so matured by the society? Just because that it was white and red is so visible? Okay, tell me about that newly wedded woman whose character is judged by that white piece of cloth which if turns red only then the husband will be satisfied? She must be hating the color white isn't it. Well what about the "black" people who everyday goes through unseen sufferings because of the "white" people? They die, they starve, they can't survive for what? For the color white. Hmm.. And how about those millions of People who hate that white because when a person dies they are covered with that white piece of cloth? They just break down don't they ? That widow who is bound under white for the rest of her life because she dreamt of living happily? White doesn't give her happiness or does it! That school boy who suffers from leukemia is alienated by his friends and why? He is artificially white. But who cares? People only know comparisons? Its just a color right but color today has become a medium for the world to judge. Why is black bad? White should be bad too. Yes white is in fact worse because it makes people die when they are alive! So you should consider black and white as curse equally! I guess you will....
    This piece I have written because come on I'm so sickened and tired by those bunch of literates and illiterates as well who are twisted and tumbled everyday between black and white.
    ~ Gayatri Hazarika.