• khirabdhi 9w

    # Aami

    The Youthful soul ........Aami!
    It's you who made me
    dive deep down
    Into the young minds
    Speaking thousands
    Of stories
    If I will be allowed to meet,
    Someone in heaven,
    Then I will ask supreme
    To show a way to reach you!
    During sleepless nights,
    I don't know why
    my eyes tries to draw you
    & your ways!
    In this world of mystery,
    It's you
    Whom I found
    Most real with words&
    True with the sediment!
    But I still have lot of questions
    To ask you,
    Will you come someday
    in my way?
    I've lots to speak
    my heart out
    Will you come someday
    in my way?