• aartinepal 6w

    Father's daughter

    Her big baby eyes opened
    And her soft cry bloosomed
    For her mother so very joyous
    Father wiping tears so obvious

    In his wide comfortable arms
    And his singing working a charm
    Her body lay very peacefully
    And her lips curled up blissfully

    Little hands in his hands so big
    Her small feet going for a world dig
    Little soft lips calling her father
    To explore a world ahead and farther

    Her eyes were being moist
    And hoarse and small was his voice
    She was leaving his secure abode
    On a new journey, she was a broad

    She prorated her love one day
    For another man on his way
    To take his little princess away
    Her father wanted her to stay

    An amazing bond they shared
    For each other they cared
    He was her loving father
    She was his lovely daughter.