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    I chugged down my first shot of vodka, then second and then another. Then, I had few tequila shots and after that, I didn't remember the name. I lost the count. The bartender told me to pay but I had nothing.
    So, I offered him to have sex instead of paying money. He was reluctant at first but then he agreed.

    The next thing that happened was we were taking off each other's clothes in my apartment and got straight to the business. We had phenomenal sex and then I killed him, and threw his body away.

    I went to the same bar the other day. Everyone asked me where the bartender was. How would I know? I was drunk.
    I told them I didn't know where did he go. I shut them all down and kept drinking my scotch.

    The bartender who was attending my needs then, asked me about my life. I told him how my husband had been out of the country for a year and hadn't called me from that day. I told him how occupied I was to call him everyday but still I tried for sometime and then I stopped calling him too.
    The next thing we knew we were in my apartment and the same routine followed.

    One fine Sunday morning, the only day when I was sober, I heard knocking at my door. It was strange to hear that sound, for in the past year there had been no one at my doorsteps.
    When I opened the door, I saw a kid strolling in the gallery and making that irritating beeping noises with a toy of his. I shut the door at his face and went back to fix myself some coffee.

    Only few minutes might have passed, I heard the doorbell. I opened the door again to see the same kid with some girl. They entered in my apartment under my nose and wreck havoc in my already messed up apartment. They played with my stuff, started running here and there, breaking things. I tried to throw them out but they were being reluctant and then I could not take it anymore. So, I did what I was best at.

    I took them to the kitchen, feed them some expired cereals and then, I killed them both, in the same manner.
    Burnt and mutilated them till they beg for mercy. Till their voices could not be heard and eyes could not see.
    I threw their bodies at the same place where all the bartenders and my husband dead bodies were thrown. It felt good to have a new generation in there.

    I closed the secret passage door in my closet and went back to my kitchen to have my sober coffee on the warm Sunday morning.

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    �� Nishant Pareek

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