• yoonlove 6w

    I seriously miss this kitty angel so much����

    Dear Yoongi,
    My love,
    The weekend is here
    And I dont know how long its been,
    Since you were asked to take rest,
    And I'm still praying for your recovery.

    And today, I wanna thank you.
    Thank you for everything,
    You've done till know.
    For your music,
    For the lessons you taught me.

    For cheering me to pull myself up
    Every time I fell.
    For encouraging me to love myself.
    And everything else.

    Someday or the other,
    You might notice my presence,
    I'm working on that,
    For that.
    Till then, I'll be sending you
    All my love and concern from afar,
    And also thank you *giggles*,
    For being my energy bar.


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    To Yoongi, my love!