• roxana91 10w

    I hope

    I hope I made you laugh,
    When tears stained your face.
    I hope you didn't feel alone
    When I came close to your lips.

    I hope you will remember me sometimes,
    At least when you hear our song playing -
    Against the background of old memories.

    I hope I made you feel good,
    And I could at least be a good friend to you.
    I hope you at least, will remember my name,
    When someone asks you if you have
    Any more news about me.

    I hope I meant something to you,
    I hope you will always keep me a place
    In your beautiful dreams.

    I hope I made you laugh
    Even when the pain ruined your makeup.
    I hope I made you dream
    Even when reality was too painful to live in.

    I hope I made you feel beautiful
    When you hated yourself.
    I hope I helped you
    To become a better version of yourself.