• the_inked_solace 5w

    (From the perspective of a surrogate mother)

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    As I listened to her first cries,
    Dejected I was cause I ain't the one who'd witness how she'd rise..

    My heart both soared and shattered,
    That's how a surrogate mother's illusions get scattered..

    Let me hold it together..
    Every drop that knew my pain,
    Every effort that gone in vain,
    Least bothered to be this insane..

    Couple of memories to be my sheer delight,
    Rest became my fight as a knight.
    A knight that holds her virtues as a weapon,
    Undoubtedly mightier than a loaded gun..

    As the newly minted dads drive home with baby in tow,
    Despair and heartbreak is what I went through..

    Vices even left me a scar,
    But I got to rise leaving them far.