• ms_k_sugarbaker 35w


    The light is so bright,& vibrant,I know that voice from my life! I'm sorry, who did you say you are?I can't see your face but your wings are just beautiful! Please tell me your name, & why you came? Yes,I know I've been sick for awhile & it's true I have alot of pain right now! Wait though,I can't go just yet,I still have so many things to say & do before I can come with you!Let me stay for a little while longer,just to tell my family & friends I love them! I've lost loved ones before saying goodbye it broke my heart,it hurt like hell,but I'm
    sure you already know that! Ok,I'll see you soon,thank you understanding & I know I'll find out who you are under those beautiful,vibrant wings when you come back to fly me away with you!Just one quick question before you go when you,will I get wings