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    Preview of first chapter

    Lady Lauren landed with a resounding thud on the hardwood floor
    "quiet will you ... this is not the time for mediocre games"
    " i -..."
    a glare thrown over my shoulder at her was all it took for us to continue in silence. It wasn't that i was been particularly rude, no, i just needed silence in order to concentrate so we could make it out of here alive and if i were to slip and miss some minor detail we could not survive in a fight after all she was no help god company maybe but if I knew anything about the young lady of Maddison Palm halls it was that she was far too naive and faint hearted to fight back even when danger snuck upon her. The sound of the wind outside rusting the leaves made my task a bit more complicated as I pushed my ear further into the floorboards ... was that ... was that footsteps I heard or ...
    "..no it couldn't be...."
    the words left before my mind had finished processing them
    "Lady Lauren we've gotta go... NOW!!"
    i whisper yelled hoping for her to catch the urgency within my voice and know that something was terribly wrong ... something was coming and i for one was not about to stick around to find out. the shuffling sounded nearer now yet she layed quietly on the ground , arms folded and her dirty tattered dress drawn too tightly around her frail frame
    " Lady Lauren Madeline Azekia Emmanuel Maddison-Palmer lets go this instance"
    without waiting for a reaction I yanked her from the ground causing a small shriek of fear to escape her lips i would apologize later but now we had to.......

    " well well what do we have here...." turning swiftly i cane eye to eye with a long barrel and my hopes of escape drained along with the color on my face. If only she wasn't so damn stubborn then maybe just maybe i would've heard them approach but excuses are for those who have never tried those who have never dreamt and so i refused to make an excuse for slipping up. ............
    "cant talk eeehhh...dont worry darling I'll help you out ... wont we Dorian"
    the speaker had a voice as sharp and ugly as the dirty blade caressing my cheek. His eyes though i realized werent aimed at me but further behind at lady lauren and lust seemed to shine from them
    " aaaahhhhh the young Lady .... how we missed you at the butchering party we had in your fancy halls this afternoon ... I'm sure your parents would've loved to see me extend my appreciation , would they not"
    releasing the blade with a stinging cut he made his way behind me where she stood tears streaking her swollen face

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    Withering skeletons

    Not a poem but I was thinking of writing a novel tell me what you think and if I should go ahead