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    Singularity has its own way of survival. It has also a unique way of doing things. It has the different and new sense of living.

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    The singularity is something which has its roots in subconscious mind. I have a singularity within. Whatever they may be or in whatever situations they are in, it doesn't matter. Everyone who has this within must identify it. It is a kind of caliber within you that can manage your life with the discretion. One or more than one qualities can be found in any singularity.Those who have their singularity, would stay in their esteem in any case. There will be a new and different sense in them. Denying this is not possible as a psychological matter of fact. Worrying about and thinking of compatibility, is also I think futile. No need of compatibility in such cases. Over a period of time compatibility happens naturally in due course. As regards of service, this singularity (personality of it's own kind) can do much of service. You would find few people of such singularity. Why don't you understand this? Are you previous ignorant? May God bless you with wisdom!