• storyofpoet_byarjun 5w

    "she is the right one for me, I know."

    Pfff! You said that the last time too and the time before that and before that as well! Basically every damn time you say so!!

    "No, I know but I so have this feeling that this time she actually is the one for me."

    And if I may dare to ask, "Why do you think so?"

    "You see every girl before her was there to be loved. But with her it's the first time in my life that I can feel the love and the care being reciprocated and not just that, she loves me more than I love her!"

    Okay, so maybe she does love you and you love her. But how can you be so sure that she is the ONE!?!!!?

    "Let me tell you what I believe in. In this infinite universe, you are alone only until you want to be so. You have to take the risk of being vulnerable and open infront of someone if you wish to be loved truly."

    Great! But how does this answer my question?

    "To answer that, I want to tell you that I can be all insecure and vulnerable around her and yet she comforts me in such a way, nobody else could ever!"

    Very well then, I think you found her hn!

    "You bet I did."

    Good luck with her. I hope you stick around this time!!

    "Hahaha, I will. I already have.♥️"