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    I wish I could laugh like earlier,
    The way I used to do on your quirky jokes;
    Or could blush like earlier,
    When your hands touched mine;
    I wish I could live like earlier,
    The way I felt safe and carefree around you ;
    Or could feel like earlier ,
    Loved and wanted;
    I wish I could dance like earlier,
    The way when I won teasing you;
    Or could sing like earlier,
    Songs for you.
    The parts of you ,
    Still resonate in me ;
    The touch of yours,
    I feel it carried by wind ;
    The aura of you ,
    Still lies is me;
    The voice of you,
    Still echoes in my ears;
    The love of you,
    Still beats in my heart.
    Not like earlier,
    But you still stay