• strongest_girl 9w

    Dear manny, i am sorry i broke my promise, i am sorry.
    I hope i could get one last chance to make this right.
    Asking peace for you.


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    14 june.

    3 months 7 days, and then i broke my promise.
    I harmed myself very badly that even i can not see my skin like that.
    Blood flowing out of skin, and tears out of eyes.
    I am screaming and my wound too.
    Just red color everywhere and pain in the heart.
    How can someone hate it's own home, it's body.
    How can someone treat it's body so badly.
    This beautiful body deserved a soft soul, i am too harsh on it.
    I destroy it like anything.
    I need help, i want to move out of this mess.
    My body needs help, it can not face this pain any more.
    I need help, i don't want to kill my own body, i dont.
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