• calixta_dalla 6w

    Drop the Mic

    I find it hard to believe that if deep down
    you are an addict
    but dont believe it or you can't see it...
    that constantly using anything mood altering would give you any ability to have a fantastic judgment call on anyone or any situation... get sober first, stay sober, see through sober eyes, live sober.
    Then try to judge me again on a situation that.. you only seen through your damaged perspective.
    That's my sober perspective of your mood altering judgement call
    I'm doing what I can to fix that damage child inside of me so I can bring to life the adult and manage my life, not be forced to manage it, because I have too
    Because I have no other choice, because of past idiotic decisions I had made that will haunt me forever or follow me all throughout life... so, dont ever judge me and act as though you can call me out on something you think you are seeing correctly or reading correctly, when in truth and reality you are more damaged inside than a roach infested trap house... deal with your own fucking demons before you try to act as if you can decipher my character defects...clearly you dont know the Real me... you only knew the old me. I am not afraid of change.
    What are you doing differently?