• darshinidave1994 6w


    In the generation of 'being friendly',
    'Introverts' have ealways been misjudged,
    For they were in a way,
    'Extroverts' with only a few whom they trusted.

    With the right person in their life,
    The 'Introverts' are the best versions,
    By which they themselves are taken back by a surprise,
    For they finally have someone,
    Who see through them.

    In the generation of 'being heard',
    'Introverts' have been the best listeners,
    Who listen to understand,
    And not to debate.

    Their silence is often misread as rude,
    Although they too have been soft heartend,
    Which is just known to a very few.

    There is no right or wrong,
    In being an 'Introvert' or an 'Extrovert',
    For its a uniqueness within,
    That sets the path of success,
    On this beautiful journey.
    -Darshini Dave