• jo_jofear 11w

    Cannon Hall

    A jewel of our town, restoring grounds to glory
    History of our Cannon Hall, that's really quite a story
    Spencer-Stanhope wealth from iron and fossil fuel
    For most local people old times were bleak and cruel
    Sweeping views across to town, sip coffee, write and think
    No worry of the news and if we're on the brink
    New paths threading to the boathouse, wild flowers by the lakes
    Soaking in the history not modern day mistakes
    Sir Walter's stunning fairyland the small pond and the yews
    Gothic arches from our church yards recycled what was used
    Was a bit surprised no large pond or wisteria
    Then I found the round one, it wasn't quite hysteria
    Kindly renovation for bats at the deer shelter
    Well Cannon Hall museum it really is a belter