• noted_life_ 23w


    Tripping over my doubts
    I stood up again, I had no
    Plans to change my route
    I knew the Importance of
    Standing by my own choice
    I knew the blessing in disguise,
    My voice. when no one dares
    To talk to the real me,
    I will hold myself up and
    Will protect every part of this soul
    To retain my me in ME.
    When no one cares enough to
    Ask my bleeding wounds if they
    Are better, I will rise as the whole
    Damn fire and beat the shit out
    Of that pain such, that they won't
    Ever know, my strory,
    I will scream that loud.
    When no one would be there
    To have my back, I will
    Run, crawl, maybe gallop,
    But I would never stop to
    Cry and feel small
    About people, such shallow.
    That's the plan,
    That's the whole list of
    What I can.
    And there's this one
    Header in what I can't
    That is just that
    I can't give up, irrespective
    of the flood,
    It is not in my blood.