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    Healthcare workers are made of flesh and blood. #weareonlyhuman

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    What would it take?

    What would it take
    For you to believe,
    That my words are truth
    And my ailment, real?
    Would you have to hear
    My groans in the night?
    See the pain in my eyes?
    Watch me as I fight?
    Does the smile I display
    (Only by God's grace)
    Make you think all's well?
    Does it show in my face?
    Or maybe illness is defined
    As Lying on a bed,
    IV line in arm,
    Looking almost dead.
    Wait, I think I know,
    The reason you doubt,
    See, Drs don't get sick,
    Huh? What's that about?
    At the end of the day,
    I guess it matters not,
    Cause God keeps me going,
    Yeah, He's got my back.
    Yet, there are others beside,
    Who should not have to say,
    What would it take
    For you to see that I ail?