• eyg744 9w

    Foolish Games

    Here I lay once again, alone in my bed.

    So many thoughts of you lingering in my head.
    Meanwhile, knowing that you're so undeserving of my thoughts.
    Don't know if it's Love or Lust.
    Finally Understanding that NIGHT was a mistake.
    To my Defense, it was a risk I had to take.
    To this day I can't forget that first sensual touch of our lips.
    Things between us have just been awkward ever since.
    Hate is all you Demonstrate with each of your Actions.
    Which in place forges a roller-coaster of emotions.
    Of course I'm no Angel, I've also done my part.
    Funny how with everything that has happened, you've gained a piece of my heart.
    Your indifference pushes me away and fills me with dismay.
    Your Smile brings me back in.
    That line between love and hate is wearing thin.
    I'm getting tired of all the Foolish Games we play.
    Now more than ever, I could careless what people will say.
    There is nothing else that I can do, to prove myself to you.
    So I'm leaving it up to the heavens, to decide where this game ends.
    By: E.Y.G.♫♪♫