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    What is love?

    Every day in a movie,book or drama..
    I feel love..
    I learn about love..
    My heart keeps beating as if its my own story
    Makes my heart swell with hope..
    I want to know so bad..

    Oh may be someday
    Could it happen to me too??
    When will it be? Who will it be??

    How could it be as sweet as candy ?
    How it's like flying in the sky??
    I want to know

    What love feels like ?
    How it keeps u smiling all day??
    I want to know
    How the whole world turns beautiful ?
    I want to know
    Will it come to me someday?

    Just imagining all of this
    Just thinking about this
    It almost makes my heart burst
    How good it feels??

    If one day love comes to me for real
    I might just cry

    I really want to know how it feels?

    Where in the world r u right now?
    Just when will we get to meet each other?
    When and how might our relationship starts?
    I don't know right now but I feel that it will be really good

    Better than any movie or drama
    The greatest love will come
    My gut instinct is always right
    C'mon show urself. I am all set. Ready

    I m gonna find u
    I m dying to see you
    I can't take it much longer

    I want to know
    What is love?