• thewritingbunny 5w

    Random Thoughts #24

    When You Think Of Us

    Cause you'd be lying if you say you don't.. you do.. not very often maybe.. but you do.. and I'll be honest.. I don't know what you feel like when you do so.. I really don't.. maybe you smile.. maybe it's anger.. even disgust maybe.. and I wish I knew which one is it.. I really do..

    And there's a lot to pick from.. everytime we fought.. everytime I cried ( Cause Yes.. I did cry more than you ever did ) .. or maybe it's when we figured stuff out.. hugged.. and called it a day.. good old times.. irreplaceable.. good.. old times.. Times when a walking negativity sign tagged along what was meant to be forever.. with Positivity...

    I just hope that you smile.. you see.. everytime you remember beating me at games.. about the boat load of wacky nicknames you gave me every other week..
    Everytime wake up call you ever made.. Every effective good night wish.. Every smile.. I just hope you smile sometimes...When You Think Of Us...