• geanette 4w

    So hello everyone,tried my hand in the free verse which is an unmetered verse with no rhymes. Doesn't seem like a poem......if any mistakes then kindly forgive me. Understand the emotions pls

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    Isn't it funny?
    When we obsess,
    About ourselves,
    Even though we know the truth?
    From womb to tomb we shall be alone,
    Neither of the worldly attributes shall be with us forever? Nor shall our body
    Still we set standards;
    And try to follow them.
    Our dreams shall be deemed as dreams,
    If we fit the standards,
    Or living our lives become a crime;
    Where the perfect ones have
    The right to kill the rest:
    We have rotten to the core,
    Forgotten the morals
    Prioritized standards,
    Over lives;