• emeka_joel 9w


    I wear my Beauty like an Armor,
    Armor which I use to dispel all Detractors,
    I treat my body like a Temple,
    Because I am the Quintessential Embodiment of Decency;
    I protect my mind from Negativity,
    So I don't lose myself in life's Unpredictability,
    I surround myself with Angels,
    So I am protected from my Demons;
    I hide my true intentions from the World,
    So they don't use them against Me,
    I trust only my God,
    Because He's the only one that cannot betray Me;
    I Coagulated My Heart and Mind,
    Till they became Steel,
    So that no amount of Disappointment,
    Can Break Me;
    I guard My Mind Like a Tower,
    So that I can escape all the Temptation
    That continually lay siege to my Morality.