• lou_anne 10w

    Phantom Ballad

    His ballad to the moon
    she heard from her balcony
    Everynight the voice soothed her soul
    sweeping away the foul
    despondence within her.
    She yearned to savvy the roots
    awaiting for that drums
    in her heart to play along with the notes
    long unheard , when the nightfall comes .

    The anticipation made her way
    into the woods in her hoods
    in a quest .
    For she doubted the enigmatic howl that
    led her into the shady grove
    Alas! stood there , frozen without a move
    and there lie a wounded wolf .
    Bathed in blood , stakes in heart
    letting out a mournful sigh , so high .
    The notes that once
    elated her , now haunting .

    Her tears , phoenix tears
    i say , healed him letting her fears
    outgrow ; he the mysterious healer
    her animus , turned her charcoal irises
    into a galaxy of purple stars .

    With the hoods gone he showed her
    the floating stars dispensing her innerchild
    the true enigma , her quest .
    Amidst the dark she saw her light
    the knight in the malicious lupus
    her sweetest nightmare.

    Yet again , only to be
    decepted by the lanterns
    he vanished into thin air .
    He , too far to reach ; too high to fly
    a flaming cold memory he remained
    for she never fitted in that sphere
    Neither did he.
    His universe , a chimera .
    He a distant midsummer night's dream
    that lingered in her world .