• kellylee 5w

    Heaven's Snow

    Heaven's snow falls and kisses my nose. 

    I breath it all right into my soul. 

    I float right off, oh God, here it goes...

    I was once broke, and now I am whole. 

    You say to eat the dirt? 

    But really, what is it worth? 

    You tell me to sip the fruit of the earth,

    And suddenly I feel rebirth.


    Still, I havent the will. 

    I do not know the way. 

    It's heaven's snow that fills

    My breath every day. 

    Lines overflow

    So do the cups. 

    God makes it snow,

    So I just give up. 

    What I dont know, 

    What i can't understand,

    Is if I am so low

    How will I ever land? 

    So I soar to the skies

    Where I can't eat the dirt. 

    I live in the lies

    To get away from the hurt.

    I needed an angel

    I needed a God. 

    But misery strangles.

    Lonliness is a rod. 

    From the edges of hope I dangle. 

    I have lost all of my pride. 

    The web and the way that it tangled,

    Left me with nowhere to hide. 

    So I just sit inside, 

    On my own just to dwell. 

    In you all, I must confide

    That heaven's snow only exists in hell.