• aaronball 34w

    Parallel Me

    I am living a parrallel life, viewing myself beside,
    Feelings, thoughts, emotions, that me, I have to hide.

    You see me day by day, working, smiling, talking,
    I cannot see how the parrallel me is even barley walking.

    A sickness so invisible, it does not bare belief,
    But deep inside the parallel me, I'm washed and full of grief.

    I view this broken parallel me, and judge him on his smile,
    But deep inside he cannot cope, a man that's in denial.

    This sadness eats so Intensely deep, it makes me physically sick, The parallel me is a candle, burning down the wick.

    One day I see the parallel me, will burn right to the end, a burned out candle of the soul, of which I cannot mend.

    No one sees this parallel me, hes invisible like a ghost, slowly being consumed inside, like land upon the coast.

    I will live this life of consuming darkness, live it to the end, a parrallel me must carry on as me they all depend.