• quill_n_words 9w

    First Diwali

    It was her first Diwali with him,
    Yeah being married in a conservative family,
    There were so many modesty and restrictions,
    She missed her family alot
    But seeing her new home decorated fully and looking beautiful she felt alive again,
    While her husband burned crackers,
    She watched and enjoyed quietly,
    He understood.. Handing her a fuljhadi the both clicked a beautiful picture,
    Looking into her eyes,understanding her pain,he simply told her he loved her alot,
    As her father in law came,handed her a beautiful piece of jewelery he wished her happy diwali placing his palm on her head ,
    He said "you are my child, no need to worry go and have fun"
    Here the father in law broke every stereotypes and she again felt blessed to have such family.