• nefelibata_syafiq 36w


    Where light stand bright, that is when you know where your dark moment at

    The trail that you leave behind, will becomes your strength
    And the light will guide your way along your journey

    The darkness, well; it is the closest friend you could ever have, and the best strength you could ever possess

    The light, will be your best bet in time of hopelessness, so never be the one to lose hope before your journey even begin

    Balance is key, belief is perseverance to faith
    Believe that perfection is simply a misguided perception
    For there is nothing comes close of perfection, to someone
    Who choose to be themselves amidst the crowd, of coward

    Is unique to all of us, the way we decide
    Will affect our life in a way where only time will tell
    That, life is always about patience
    And not just about careful planning

    Is short, and honestly we all can't have enough of it
    Where we often wonder, wandering aimlessly what mistakes can be fix
    When what fixed isn't worth it, we left it behind;
    Then we repeat the same cycle, claiming you're changing your life

    This is part of my honesty, which I believed
    Only through writing
    My voice can get through

    I don't need to rhyme, I don't need to mime
    Enough with honesty, alone
    I could make hundreds of lonely people