• bey5151 5w

    dark in the dark

    Hustle and bustle is activity that steals my consciousness and drains my energy
    Beauty is an illusion that takes away its true meaning
    Happiness is the heart's ability to see life
    If you look at this world in its luxury, the soul will be lonely inside
    But if you see nature in a nice way, the free soul dances merrily looking for a lover
    No need to walk uphill to the top of a mountain to get to know yourself
    No need to creep and climb cliff gaps to test your body strength and brain power
    No need to slide down a rope in the bowels of the earth looking for meaning
    Because there are things that are much heavier and more challenging than that
    Try climbing above yourself in your heart
    Try climbing the ego rock wall which is very slippery and has minimal gaps but don't be surprised if all kinds of climbing shoes will break quickly!
    Even magnesium powder can't prevent you from slipping
    Try to give in from the bottom of your heart in the dark of the night and the heart is thick
    Turn off the headlight, let the dark guide his steps
    Then, down the river of tears, look for its mouth, even if you have to sink to the bottom of the river, don't be afraid.
    At the end of the river there is a small light, if you see it stop, just stop throwing away all safety equipment because it is disturbing
    Very difficult indeed! keep trying until you find who is standing there.