• sien_belgora 10w

    f o r e v e r

    It was you that I feared.
    The moment so near
    To arrival.

    But endings engage
    & legacies change
    For survival.

    Lethargic nights
    Lit with candle light
    Blow them out.

    For the morn has come
    And the night is gone
    Sun's come out.

    Embers burn
    But now they're burnt

    Winds douse fires
    Of your humble pyre
    Flickering weakly.

    Guitar strung song
    Silence prolonged,
    It's ending.

    Wounds have healed
    But the emotions I feel
    Are yet mending.

    Open the door
    A little more
    And escape

    Leave your footsteps behind
    But erase the signs
    That you stayed.

    It's you that I feared
    The moment so near
    Of us, not together.

    And now we ought
    To leave this moment of