• troubleseeker11 23w

    The Faces Just Changed

    The faces just changed
    But the stories are ranged
    Still no one is getting engaged
    With all the clones
    Even when all the bones
    Are still the same.
    No they aren’t expecting fame
    All they want is game
    With the transparent rules
    And not all opaque.
    The pits are deep
    That scares the creeps
    All we want is to be melded along
    So that the cup is held for years
    Even when we hear the shatters.
    The faces just changed
    But they covered the tanged
    that may just corner the man
    And this what every world doesn’t expect.
    The faces just changed and are
    Waiting for the way to get arranged
    Are taken out of the barrage.
    The faces just changed.