• roses_and_petals 10w

    "They look better than me"
    "They drive nicer cars than me"
    "They are prettier....
    Those are the sounds of 'Inferiority complex'
    A disorder that blinds you from seeing your worth, from appreciating who you are
    But dont you know?
    You are who you are for a reason
    And even if there is no reason,
    You still remain who you are
    That's something we were not given the power to change.
    So why not love yourself more?
    Why not do the best for yourself?
    Embrace your journey.
    Hug your goals everyday.
    Dress up those visions.
    Smile at the work in progress.
    Because the uniqueness in you can only bring out unique results when it's fully embraced.
    I dont care you have pimples, baby girl you're fine
    I dont care you eat cheap food, boy you're healthy
    Have never slept in a mansion? you're worth it
    All the things you desire are in you.
    So become more of you and your potential is maximised,
    Your dreams are realized.
    Life is full endless possibilities.
    And i decided to be one of them.
    A possibility that is endless.
    And that is the truth of who we all are.