• nibras 10w

    I AM

    I AM:
    A scarred, stained, tattered soul
    A nothingness ripped apart;
    A destitute, worthless part
    Of an existence yearning to be whole.

    I AM:
    A lost dream, forgotten conversations
    A faded memory, a tiny drop of rain;
    A shard that causes a searing pain
    When touched with consolations.

    I AM:
    The scattered salt of broken mirrors,
    The unclaimed, lonesome islands,
    The glassy stare of leaden silence ,
    Those feet that only trode the path of errors

    I WISH:
    That the old and wrinkled hands of time
    Would run backwards to snatch, to pelf
    The lost moments that could redeem my Self
    And teach it anew to sing and chime.