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    .In democratic place justice is given the highest place..Justice literally mean'to behind'.If we talk about justice it relates to the individual rights and social control ensuring the fullfillment of the legitimate and is equally equally distributed also.It is equally to the weaker sections also and the other who is wanting the justice. Those people are economically backward and not so aware of their rights and who is struggling for their survival..And cannot make their life easy path and so on..There is a discrepancy in distrbution of justice which cannot be distributed equally.
    Social justice is the foundation stone of the Indian constitution.The concept in the republic has commited itself to hve been spelt out in the constitution.Social justice was viewed as an effective tool for construction.There is a wide planning of justice according to neccesity in the constituion.It expects distribution of social benefits according to neccessity which need a person can getta benifit.Social justice is the foremost priority for each and every action bcz it is the maintenance of justice itself in the constitution.
    In spite of the tremendous progress is almost all of the area especially economy,science and technology,infrastructure,development,the gap btw poor and rich is being increased day by day.In india courts hve performed a great role to make justice successful."*In keeping silence about evil,in burying it so deep within us that ni sign of it appears on the surface,we are inplanting it,and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future.When we neither punish nor reproach evi doers,we re not simply protecting their oldage,we re thereby ripping tge foundation of justice frm beneath the generation*"